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5 Reasons Why Business Travelers Should Use A VPN Network

by Johnni Ramos

A virtual private network is a type of technology that adds another layer of security between your computer and the Internet. With this extra layer of encryption, the best VPN secures your data when you go online and conceals your computer's identity from the provider of the Internet connection you are using. Business travelers often have specific technology needs while they are working. Find out how a VPN can meet these needs, and learn more about the benefits this technology can offer.

Gives more secure access to public Wi-Fi networks

It's increasingly easy to get access to the Internet in public places. Shops, cafes and other public buildings now commonly offer free Wi-Fi access to customers, which is great news for business travelers who need to get online. Unfortunately, some public Wi-Fi networks are not secure, which can compromise valuable information and personal details.

A VPN eliminates this risk. Every time you log into the network and go online, your VPN provider encrypts your browser data. This encryption makes it almost impossible for somebody to see your personal data if they hack into the public Wi-Fi network. This level of security is vital for business travelers who need to view personal information on the move.

Allows you to get past network restrictions

Many company networks place restrictions on what their employees can see when they go online. For example, employers often block access to social networks or entertainment websites because they don't want their workers wasting time at work. According to one survey, only ten percent of American companies allow unrestricted access to social networks at work.

If you need to use these networks when you travel, these restrictions can stop you getting access to the sites you need to use. A VPN bypasses these restrictions because your computer access these websites via the VPN. The host network does not see your browsing data, so network restrictions cannot take effect.

Helps you share large files easily and securely

Business travelers often have to share large data files. For example, graphic designers may need to work with a lot of PNG or JPG files, which are typically large. What's more, you may also need to share files that contain confidential information.

A VPN is a secure way to send these files. It's almost impossible for a third-party to intercept these files because the VPN provider encrypts your network connection, so you can safely share files with other users on the network.

Easy to install

To get access to a VPN, you simply need to install the relevant software on your machine, without any special network hardware. As such, users can easily self-install the software, without having to rely on IT support. This simplicity is good news for busy business travelers, who often find it hard to schedule appointments with office-based IT engineers. You can also normally install the software on any computer, so you can use different computers simultaneously on the same VPN.

Allows you to avoid local restrictions

In the United States, it's easy to forget that many countries still regulate and censor Internet access. The top three Internet censors are:

  • North Korea, where the government controls all websites
  • Burma (Myanmar), where the authorities filter emails
  • Cuba, where you can only use the Internet through government-controlled access points

While you may not regularly visit these countries, you may still face Internet restrictions on your travels in more popular places like Dubai or China. A VPN helps you bypass these restrictions. The network provider cannot see your browsing data, so it's impossible for anyone to restrict or intercept your Internet access.

A VPN can help boost data security and will allow you to get past network restrictions. These benefits are particularly attractive to business travelers, who rely on secure Internet access.