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I have always been someone who is dedicated to learning new things, but a few years ago I realized that there was one subject I had never broached: technology. I had let the entire technology universe move forward without me on board, and I was really behind. I decided to start working hard to understand how to use computers, smart phones, and networks, so I enrolled in a local technology class. It was incredible to learn all of the names of the different devices as well as how to use them, and before I knew it, things were easier than ever before. Check out this blog for great information on technology.



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Technology For Beginners

Run An Online Business? 3 Reasons Why You Need A Dedicated IP Address

by Johnni Ramos

When it comes to your online business, there are few things more important than having your own dedicated IP address. You might think that sharing an IP address with others on your network is the way to go, especially if the one you've been provided is free. Unfortunately, that's not entirely correct. In fact, you might find that using a free network-provided IP address will actually end up costing you more in the long run. If you still don't think that you need a dedicated IP address for your online business, here are three reasons why you should reconsider.

Protects Your Email Reputation

When you share an IP address with others on the same network, you run the risk that their behaviors will jeopardize your own standing in the community. This is particularly true when it comes to email activity. It's similar to sharing the P.O. box with another business owner. One business owner sends out illegal mailers – using the same address that you use – and is investigated for illegal activity. Unfortunately, because you have the same address, you run the risk of being investigated, too. The same holds true with IP addresses. If someone on the network is caught spamming, you may find your own reputation tainted by their activities. Protect your email reputation by insisting on a dedicated IP address for your online business.

Allows You Constant Access to Your Website

If you're trying to set up a website, and you want to view the progress without submitting it to the server before the work is completed, you won't be able to do that if you're sharing an IP address with a network. However, when you have your own dedicated IP address, you can access the server and view your progress without dealing with domain name changes. This gives you greater freedom over your own online business and Internet access.

Provides Additional Security

When you run an online business, customer security is vital. Visitors to your website want to know that their personal and financial information is protected by the highest level of online security. They want to know that you have an SSL certificate, verifying that their data is protected. When you have a dedicated IP address, you'll have that SSL certification that your customers will be looking for.

If you have an online business, don't take chances with your security, your reputation, or your website access. The information provided here will help you understand why in today's technological marketplace you need a dedicated IP address.