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Technology For Beginners

4 Things To Consider When Purchasing A Multifunctional Printer For Your Small Business

by Johnni Ramos

If your small business printing needs have increased to the degree that your small home printer is no longer getting the job done, you may need to upgrade to a larger business sized multi-functional printer. Here are four things that you should take into consideration as you go through the shopping process for a new multi-functional printer.

#1 Total Cost Of Ownership

One of the major factors that you want to consider when looking at business grade multi-functional printers is the true cost of ownership, often referred to as TCO. Large printers require you to do more than just change out the ink when it gets low. You generally have to change out additional supplies as well, such as the toner. 

A large printer is also a big piece of technology, and with the investment you are making, you are going to want to invest in warranty coverage or a service repair package for the unit. Many printing companies can provide you with their estimated TCO for the printers that you are interested in. It is also a good idea to look up reviews to verify that the company's TCO line up with manufacture suggestions.

#2 True Multi-functional

A printer that has the capacity to copy, scan, fax, and print is not the same as a multi-functional printer. A multi-functional printer does not have these various capacities; it is also able to do more than one of these tasks at the same time. That means if someone is sending a fax with the machine, you should still be able to copy a document or if someone is printing something out, you should still be able to scan a document at the same time. The true multi-functional printer will allow multiple people to use its different functions at once without slowing down the workflow at your business at all.

#3 Integration

Next, you need to make sure that the printer will integrate well with the systems that you already have in place. Write down all the different types of computers, tablets and other devices that you want to be capable of connecting with the printer and make sure that your list of devices lines up with the list of supported devices for the printer. You don't want to invest in an expensive business-grade printer only to discover that it doesn't support the systems that you already have in place in your office.

#4 Security

Finally, it is important to realize that a printer is a piece of technology that can be hacked. If you print out or use your printer in any way with sensitive documents or private information, such as customer's billing information, you are going to want to make sure that the printer you purchase has some security features built in place. For example, it should have firewalls in place and require a network password. Depending upon your small business's security needs, you may also need or want more advanced security features as well.

Keep the four things above in consideration as you go through the process of looking for and purchasing a multi-functional printer for your small business. Also, make sure that it comes with a solid warranty coverage to ensure that your newest investment is well protected. 

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