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Technology For Beginners

Tapping Into The Microtransaction World

by Johnni Ramos

How can free games make so much money? There are quite a few app developers out there who manage to capture the minds and hearts of people who want to play free games while somehow managing to squeeze some money out of the service. Is it something about the app, or is it the target demographic? There are a lot of angles to this question, and it's dangerous to settle on one major factor when you can tap into multiple angles for more profit chances. Here's a look into the world of microtransactions and mobile gaming apps to help you tap into the market:

What Are Microtransactions?

In the traditional world of video games and most other products, you purchase services either through a single purchase, a subscription, or a combination of the two.

With gaming, microtransactions became a way to acquire extra power by using a credit card instead of gameplay alone. Players could buy special equipment to have more power at an earlier point or purchase in-game currency to get the items they want in the game without having to work hard inside the game.

These purchase opportunities are usually in the form of an in-game shop, often called a cash shop. Players can open the shop and buy what they want, you have a lot of freedom with how these purchases affect the game.

How Microtransactions Affect Mobile Gaming Apps

The least harmful form of microtransaction is cosmetic services. This means buying costumes that add no power, decorative appearances or skins that add a bit of flair. These can either be cash shop exclusive, or players can simply get to these skins earlier by spending real money.

Next is consumable items purchases. In adventure or roleplaying games, this usually means healing potions to restore an injured player, experience potions to allow players to get stronger at a faster rate, or materials for crafting items. These are usually available through in-game currency and normal gameplay, and you can decide whether you want to allow players to sell these items in-game after purchasing with real money. 

Finally, buying power directly is an option. This usually comes in the form of getting powerful weapons and armor that can devastate most enemies in games. For non-combat games, this means being able to automatically solve large parts of puzzles or wipe out incoming obstacles.

Implementing microtransactions attracts specific types of players while turning off others, and there's always a population that doesn't care. Some people are addicted to purchasing more power, while others simply see real money as a mild boost through parts of the game they're simply not interested in.

Speak with a mobile app developer like App Makers LA to discuss different ideas and concepts within mobile game design to figure out how microtransactions can work for your idea.