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I have always been someone who is dedicated to learning new things, but a few years ago I realized that there was one subject I had never broached: technology. I had let the entire technology universe move forward without me on board, and I was really behind. I decided to start working hard to understand how to use computers, smart phones, and networks, so I enrolled in a local technology class. It was incredible to learn all of the names of the different devices as well as how to use them, and before I knew it, things were easier than ever before. Check out this blog for great information on technology.



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Technology For Beginners

2 Ways To Improve Data Collection Within Your Company

by Johnni Ramos

The accurate collection of data is vital to your company's success. Collecting data allows you to see what your company is actually doing. Well-analyzed data can help you make smart business decisions that can drive your company forward. Improving your data collection will help your business move forward in a positive manner.

#1 Figure Out How Often You Want To Collect Data

One simple way to improve the collection of data within your company is by figuring out how often you want to collect and analyze data. How often you need to collect data really depends on the type of business you are in. If you work in a really fast-paced moving industry, where trends and information change from week to week, you may want to collect data on a daily basis. However, if you work in an industry where change is slower or seasonal-based, collecting data every other week may make more sense for your industry.

Figure out how quickly metrics change within your industry and how often you can analyze and implement data-driven information. This will help you determine how often you want to collect data. Once you know how often you want to collect data, you will be in a better place to set-up systems that will allow you to collect data at the right frequency.

#2 Figure Out Who Will Look At The Data

Second, figure out who will analyze the data and look at the results. You need to make sure that your data is collected in a manner that allows your team to correctly analyze the information that it collects. If your data collection is software based, see if you can set up an analysis system that will work with the software your company uses. If your data collection is people-based, find a system that allows everyone to submit the same information.

Then, think about who will be looking at the data once it is analyzed. You want your analysis process to produce useful information that your team can use. Make sure that the analysis is conducted and presented in a way that will be usable to your employees. For example, if you have a sales team, their data analysis should let them know how they are doing with sales and what outside factors are affecting their sales. They don't necessarily need to know about the overall growth position of your company. Make sure that the data collection and analysis you are doing is relevant to the teams who will be getting that information. 

Contact local data collection services for more information and assistance.