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Technology For Beginners

Top Features To Look For In Quality Nanopositioning Stages

by Johnni Ramos

Whether you are creating a nanobot device or you utilize nanopositioners in another strategic process, finding nanopositioner stages that are designed with the utmost quality in mind is an intelligent move, but it can take some doing. There are so many different nanopositioning stages on the market that it can be difficult to track down those that are the highest quality and will work out the best for your project. When finding the best nanopositioning stages is so critical, you need to know what you're looking for when it comes to the best. Here is a look at a few of the top features you should be looking for in nanopositioning stages. 

Fine Motion Capabilities

Fine motion capabilities are insanely important with nanopositioners, no matter what processes they are being used for in your setup. The best quality nanopositioning stages have the ability to offer a continuous and flawless range of motion when in use. While all nanopositioning stages can maneuver to a fraction of even the smallest measurements, you really have to use a discerning eye when making your selection of the right models. Know your measurement requirements and find nanopositioning stages that can cater to that estimate without interruptions in motion. 

Included Mounting Brackets

Look for nanopositioning stages that have included mounting brackets that are designed to mount to your hardware. Many types of nanopositioning stages will have a mounting bracket that is designed in a one-size-fits-all way, which will not give you the most precise fit. When the nanopositioner is in operation, the slightest motion, jar, or movement of the base can mean dramatic changes in stability, which is not a good thing. Specifically designed mounting brackets are the better bet, even if you do have to pay a little more for the product because they will ensure you get the most accurate fit. 

Supports Electrical Characterization

The nanopositioning stages available all have varying degrees of functionality for different processes, but electrical characterization support is extremely important. The electrical characterization is what allows you to use the unit with multiple applications, whether they are of micro- and nanostructures in nanobots or something else that you have in mind. Check out the developmental ratings of the stages to ensure they have been fully tested for electrical characterization support, and ensure you compare product ratings against others on the market. Doing so will help you narrow down the choices and give you the best options.