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Technology For Beginners

4 Ways Trucking Software Can Help Your Company

by Johnni Ramos

Operating a business is a lot of hard work, and when the company you're running is a trucking company things can go from hard to challenging. A software program can help you keep things in order and even help you expand your business. Learn some of the reasons why a new software program would make an excellent addition to your company. 


A trucking company that wants to be successful must learn how to do everything that the other companies do faster, better and even at a lower cost to the customer. To be successful in each of these areas, you must step up your efforts in the field of logistics. A software program can assist you with this process. From dispatch creation tickets to route planning, these programs can fill the logistical void you've been missing. 


To keep your trucks in motion, you need to keep your driver's taken care of. From ensuring their pay is accurate to ensuring they get the downtime they need and deserve, there is a lot that goes into managing your drivers. Trucking company software programs provide one convenient location to handle all your trucking company needs and ensure their interest of your drivers' is met in each area. In terms of payroll, you can simply input driver information, and the system will tally pay and other benefit information. 


Keeping your customers happy is also an essential factor. Software programs provide a one-stop control panel for all customer needs. If a customer calls you about a complaint about a particular delivery, you can pull up the record to see when the delivery was made and by whom. If a customer contacts you and requests that you schedule a delivery just like the one you did last week, you can pull up their history file to get the information you need. These software programs create a file for your customers that you can use to meet their needs. 

Maintenance Records

Trucking company software programs can also help you when it comes to maintaining maintenance and service records for your trucks. As with most other mechanical systems, problems are often progressive, so the longer a problem is allowed to remain in place, the worse it will likely get. Software programs can be designed to provide you with an alert when a specific truck is in need of a repair, as well as provide you with data should you want to review whether a certain truck has been malfunctioning recently. 

Don't overlook the benefits software programs can provide your trucking organization.