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Technology For Beginners

4 Signs Of A Cyber Security Breach

by Johnni Ramos

Given the high dependency of many companies on digital systems, cyber security is also an important part of running nearly any business. Detection is critical to early intervention. A business cyber security provider will tell you to look for these four signs of a potential breach.

Declining Network Speed

Network resources are targets for many reasons. If someone has breached the system and is afraid they'll be quickly detected by cyber security solutions, they may consume massive bandwidth to abscond with as much sensitive data as possible. Also, many hostile parties will use your network's resources to launch third-party attacks. If someone wants to conduct a distributed denial of services attack without it tracing back to them, they may hijack your network to conduct the attack.

The net effect of these forms of breaches is that the network speed declines. It might seem like a slight annoyance if the bad actors are willing to sacrifice some speed to avoid detection. However, you should assume all slowdowns indicate a breach. If you have business cyber security solutions in place, they'll monitor for these kinds of slowdowns.

Unable to Serve Content or Data

You might also find that your servers can't serve any content or data. The intention of some breaches is to take organizations offline. Even if a hacker wanted to keep your servers flying, they could also make a mistake that knocks the system out.

A cyber security provider regularly scans for server availability as part of the first line of defense. If a website, app, or file server fails to respond, it could indicate a breach.

Unexplained Accounts

If a bad actor intends to stick around for a while, they may set up accounts on your systems. This saves them the grief of walking through the backdoor. Instead, they can just use their newly-minted credentials to log in like any other user.

A business cyber security provider will monitor the creation of accounts. Likewise, they may decide to quarantine new accounts to limit their destructive capacity and study what hostile parties are trying to do.

No Signs

Sometimes hostile action on servers leaves no signs. After all, the best hackers often function with a light touch so they can slowly look for high-value targets.

This is especially true if you don't have active monitoring tools in place. A cyber security solutions firm will monitor all inbound and outbound traffic for signs of breaches. Likewise, they can scan running processes for unauthorized users or actions. 

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